Teen Slain in Texas Ambush

06 May 2017, Mesquite, TX

Two Mesquite teens ordered a pizza. When it arrived, their driver provided prompt delivery of a hot pizza and, when a black teen opened the door, the driver threw in a side order of hot lead, killing one of them and wounding the other.

Wayne Delaney Osborne, 16, of Mesquite, and a surviving accomplice, also 16, needed money. What they needed it for is unknown, but they had a plan to get it. They’d rob a man who always carries tons of cash: a pizza guy.

It was a foolproof plan. They found an empty house on the market, committed a felony breaking and entering the home, and made a call to Domino’s to summon their victim to the ambush. They had him outnumbered and most pizza delivery chains enforce a strict policy requiring that drivers go unarmed, so presumably out-gunned.

This protects the chain from being sued by the violent felon at the low, low price of leaving a minimum wage drone vulnerable to the all-too-common assaults perpetrated on that profession. No big loss, really.

Unless you’re the deliveryman.

And to make the general vibe that much worse, as several news outlets have been quick to report, the deliveryman in question did not have a Texas License-to-Carry. Though, what some have not said is that the driver DID have an Arizona license, which is recognized in Texas.

Now, what happened was the two junior idiots listed above began their genius plan. It started well. They broke into the house, they made the call, and that’s when things went south…hard.

As the two mental midgets may not have realized, no matter how many huge gun-control proponents that may live around them in a Dallas suburb, this is still Texas.

Texans, excepting those posers in some of the bigger cities, have a reputation for being trigger-happy gun nuts. Also, delivery drivers are increasingly realizing that while being caught carrying may cost them their jobs, being caught not carrying may cost them their life.

Though sometimes it costs a violent felon his life, instead. Sadly, sometimes that violent felon is a 16-year-old high school student.

But, don’t worry. The school and community have rallied around the deceased criminal’s memory to support his friends and family. The school even went so far as to release a statement saying such.

Please note, the man that Osborne tried to kill is getting none of this support from the community and is, instead, facing the fact that a grand jury composed of the kind of people who live in big cities like Dallas/Fort Worth: blue voters. So, there’s a very real chance that his clear-cut case of self-defense against an unprovoked, armed aggressor will go to trial.

A trial that a pizza man can ill afford.

But what choice did he have? Should he have sacrificed his life so that his attackers could have yet another chance to straighten out and fly right? Should he have dropped the pizza and run, taking the bullets fired at him in the back as he attempted to flee?

Maybe he should have performed the method required by the State of California (legislators, celebrities, and major Party donors excepted) and surrendered, hoping that after his murder the police would arrive in time to arrest his killers.

Instead, he defended his life by firing at his attackers, killing one and wounding the other. The fact that they were 16 is tragic, but irrelevant. He defended his life after finding himself the victim of a cold, calculated, PREMEDITATED attempt on his life in search of $20.

Let’s hope that the jury sees it this way.

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