Assault Rifle Kills Three in Mass Shooting

06 May 2017, Houston, TX

We didn't plan to come back with another one so soon, but we just couldn't let this one go by. Our friends over at Defensive Firearms Group sent this to us and, yeah, it's pretty awesome.

So, a Houston homeowner had someone try to burn their house down the night of the 5th. The arsonists failed.

Their burn having failed like the ineffectual and disorganized protesters we see on the news, they decided to turn to direct action: a drive-by.

The three amigos mounted up to regulate and rolled out. They had it all: superior numbers, standard-capacity handguns, and a getaway vehicle they didn't have to leave. They had their target just sitting on his porch, chilling out.

(One could even postulate that he was also maxxin', relaxin', all cool.)

Half a mile, half a mile,

Half a mile onward,

All in the Nissan Altima

Rode the three homies

"Forward the regulators!"

"Aim for the porch!" they said.

Handguns in the front seat,

Handguns in the back seat,

forty or more rounds at their target...

And, like the Light Brigade, they were woefully unprepared for the giant crap-storm they unleashed.

Somehow untouched by ALL...FORTY...PLUS...SHOTS, their target dodged, dipped, ducked, dived, and dodged...

...and came back at them with an AR-15*.

Opening up a gigantic can of whoop-ass, the homeowner returned fire,

under fire,

from multiple assailants,

in a moving car,


killing two and wounding the third.

Now, there are a large amount of unknowns here. The biggest being: why was he targeted in the first place? Was it mistaken identity? Drug-related? Cut off one of the attackers in traffic?

No clue.

But, this is Texas. Unless the victim (and, Progressives/Liberals/Californians**, please note: the victim is the man who was attacked, not the criminals who shot at him) was engaging in a crime at the time and using force or attempting to use force against the occupants, his use of force in self-defense is to be presumed justified.

Which is how the detectives in the case are currently ruling: self-defense.

Regardless, this is our point: training.

Training is what will save you. When everything is going to hell around you, you will default to your most-trained options.

Training keeps you alive. Lack of training ensures that you're too busy falling over your own feet, gun stuck in your holster, while that mugger or home invader puts knife in you instead of running off in fear for their life.

You are your own first responder. Train like your life depends on it.

* The AR-15 is a civilian semi-automatic rifle invented by the Armalite Corporation (hence the “AR”) and subsequently adopted by the US Military as the M-16.

** But don't give up, ostriches! This violent, criminal attack happened in Tarrant County, a hotbed of gun confiscation (they call it "Gun Safety") proponents and other criminals. So they might just be able to get a grand jury together willing to punish a man for the crime of defending himself.

#houston #Texas #AR15 #massshooting

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