Child Shot by Grandfather

12 May 2017, Miami, Florida

A 16-year-old boy was shot and wounded while hanging out in the basement of a Miami home. The gun owner, 82, was engaged in a dispute with the little boy and losing badly, so he drew his gun and shot the boy.

Of course, we all know that there’s more to this story.

The story begins with the misguided youth’s father, Vladimir Almaguer Sanches, 45, a career criminal who was being re-released that day, unreformed, into the community to prey on the taxpayers again. And he needed a ride home.

His loving son, who only wanted to give his dad a dignified ride home from jail, had no car with which to pick up his father. So he picked his father up from prison in a stolen car.

While driving back…home? Police attempted to stop the stolen vehicle and its occupants. While the police were arresting the man they presumed to be the car thief, his innocent little boy popped out of the passenger seat and took off running. He even went so far as to steal some clothing from a washing machine to ensure he no longer fit the clothing in his description.

But things got sticky for the young man when he took shelter in a basement.

The homeowner heard the little boy’s entrance into his home and went to investigate. There he found the young man hiding in the basement and ordered him to leave.

The young man, believing he could handle one lone old man, began assaulting the homeowner. The elderly gentleman in question was in no mood to deal with some young whippersnapper pushing him around in his own home. He drew his sidearm and fired.

The underaged assailant was struck once in the buttocks and transported to a hospital for treatment. Following which he will be booked into jail, released due to his age, and most-likely given probation so he will be free to assault another elderly person.

And that’s kind of the point of this post. Gun control proponents tend to project their own feelings of inadequacy onto gun owners; painting them as middle aged, overweight, white males living out some Rambo fantasy. While the reality is that there is no one kind of gun owner and they cannot disarm the old, fat, white guys (OFWGs) without also disarming otherwise unprotected and uncared-for minorities such as the elderly, women, LGBT+, and persons of color.

These are the people who are truly harmed by these misguided efforts to disenfranchise the average American.

But, that’s of no consequence to the people looking to take your rights away. As the adage says:

Gun Control: It’s not about the guns, it’s about control.

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