Mass Shooting in Alabama: Marine Opens Fire On Neighbor Kids

22 June 2017, Theodore, Alabama

“Gun Safety”* Advocates are surely outraged today, after word has come down that a Marine who opened fire on a group of kids** on his lawn will not be charged.

The “children”, ages 19 through 29, were wounded after the would-be killer, aged 62, opened fire. Two of them, plus possibly another little one in the car, were able to get way from the rampaging maniac. The third one, perhaps their babysitter, was abandoned to her fate after the three children were able to wound their attacker and get away to someplace safe they could meet the cops.

This is not the first time they've dealt with the grizzled Devil Dog and these idiots just had to push their luck. After successfully burglarizing the old man for his pain meds two weeks prior, they called him a week later and told him not to talk to the cops. Of course, he did the opposite of what these weak-minded simpletons wanted and promptly reported the threatening phone call.

And then these shining examples of society decided that they’d go back for more.

However, the 62-year-old Marine had a surprise waiting for them. Three armed morons, pouring through his door had their gunfire met with a blast from a shotgun.

And while our hero was wounded in the fray, so were his attackers; one of whom was so severely injured she couldn’t make it back to the getaway car.

Poor little thing. Left writhing in agony as a consequence of her own criminal actions, her associates fleeing, bleeding, to a convenience store, she was eventually taken to a hospital to be treated.

While we at Interritus feel badly for whatever poor choices in their lives drove them to commit multiple violent assaults on the elderly, we feel no pity for them. They repeatedly assaulted and robbed an old man.

They got less than they deserved and they should be thankful for it.

* Refers to gun confiscation groups such as Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and the Democratic Party, who use words like “Common Sense Gun Laws”, “gun safety”, and “It’s for the children” to cover up their desire to ensure that you*** are disarmed for criminal’s convenience.

** “Gun Safety” organizations routinely use young and not-so-young adults to artificially inflate the numbers. “Children” in statistics from these organization are routinely 16- to 21-year-old criminals who never learned respect for themselves or the law.

*** Does not include peace officers, lawmakers, or former lawmakers in some Blue States, such as California. They generally vote themselves exemptions from such onerous laws because they're better than you.

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