Man Shot Fleeing Fight, Faces Jail Time

26 October 2017, Spartanburg, South Carolina

An innocent man was gunned down last Thursday morning.

It was just after midnight when Samuel Jeter, through no fault of his own, found himself inside the Spartanburg, SC home 42-year-old Katrina Walker was sharing with her 24-year-old daughter. And Mr. Jeter, having found himself in such a predicament, he made the decision to move through the house in order to effect what can only have been his escape.

However, in a sad turn of events for Mr. Jeter, his movement through the house was detected by the daughter after he took a wrong turn while he was trying to get out and, instead of the exit, he opened her bedroom door. The daughter screamed and Katrina attacked.

Using all of the viciousness and brutality Katrina could muster, she tricked Mr. Jeter into tackling her. Having been forced to pin Katrina to the ground, Samuel begged her to let him let her go and pleaded for bus fare. After she let Mr. Jeter get off of her, Katrina decided that he’d had enough fun and was getting her purse out to give him some funds for the ride home when her daughter decided she hadn’t had enough of abusing poor Mr. Jeter.

The daughter, seeing that her mother was about to let Mr. Jeter depart unharmed, pulled out a Taurus (a fully semi-automatic 9mm handgun of such vicious lethality and deadly capacity that many state governments and crusading politicians are trying to have it banned) and cocked the hammer back. As if he wasn’t frightened enough, Mr. Jeter heard the noise of the hammer and took the opportunity of the distracted Katrina to attempt to flee, but not before the daughter got her licks in.

She opened fire on their victim, the power of the bullets sending him flying through the door and into a neighbor’s yard where, if it hadn’t been for the miracle that a non-racist found him and called EMS, he might have bled out and died.

Unfortunately, justice will not be served in this case. The would-be kidnappers and murders, Ms. Walker and her daughter, will not have any charges filed against them and were commended by the racist police who covered it up as “self-defense” after they hauled Mr. Jeter away to have his rights further violated by jailing him under charges of “Burglary” and “Assault” which carry a possible penalty of a lifetime of torture in a SC State Prison.

According to SC State Law Enforcement Division data, since 1992 Mr. Jeter has served time in Prison after having been wrongfully convicted of Armed Robbery, Assault and Battery, Hit and Run, Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature, and Distribution of Cocaine.

We at Progessive Action for National SafetY believe that Mr. Jeter has already suffered enough at the hands of government criminals. You can help.

Click here or call 425-454-7012 NOW and make your donation to help reduce the risk of this happening again.


#satire #lampoon #nonfatal

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