Common Sense Violence Control

Once again, the gun control/confiscation mob have  missed the point  by a wide margin. The point of arming the civilian population (those who choose to be armed) and particularly those teachers who would volunteer to be armed, is not to turn schools into free fire zones. The point of multiple armed and trained individuals is to be part of a defense in depth.

Defense in Depth: Layered, complementary measures which, though sometimes passive and possibly simplistic by themselves, aggregate to a hard defensive posture which may discourage an actor from selecting your facility for an attack. When violence occurs at a school, ideally these armed teachers would not be using their firearms. The school resource officer would engage the threat while the armed teachers would, instead, be herding their children out through a window, a door, or other pre-planned escape routes as indicated by the School Readiness Plan. The point of the firearm is as, as usual, a last resort. But when that alarm is caused by violence in the hallway outside your classroom, you will not have time to get your children out. That's where your #resist plan comes into action. The armed professionals of this nation, don't necessarily WANT most teachers going out into the in the hallways and hunting down an active threat. Your job is more like a personal protection officer than a police officer. If you can't get your children away, then your job is to secure that door, to get your children down and quiet, and to be ready to engage the violent individual with sufficient aggressive defense of your own. Let us say this again for those of you who can't understand anything more complex than CNN: WE DON'T WANT YOU TO GO OUT HUNTING A VIOLENT ACTOR DURING AN ATTACK. The purpose of an armed teacher is as a backup, not a primary defensive system. If your school resource officer is on the other side of Campus, or is taken down first, or is busy hiding in the parking lot, that when you reach into that alarmed vault bolted under your desk and protect your kids. Now, all that being said, police response times will have an effect on your school's action plan. It may very well be that, due to extended response times, one or more of your retooled veterans or selected, trained civilians are designated to go hunting the aggressor until First Responders arrive.

Engagement with a violent actor is ESSENTIAL to preventing or stopping a violent incident through disrupting their attack plan.

Adapting to unplanned circumstances takes time and energy. Forcing a violent actor to rewrite their plan on the fly through actual resistance (not just hoping for change) turns their time and energy away from actively harming people and towards dealing with the changed circumstances.

If you have questions about how to do this, please feel free to contact us about the DPS School Safety Program.

If you are a school administrator, we would especially like to hear from you regarding why you have or have not enacted a comprehensive school safety program to provide defense in depth for your students and faculty. For the rest of you, until your lawmakers get woke to the fact that a firearm is not anathema to a schoolhouse, you'll have use what tools you have to hand when you #resist violence.

You are your own first responder. Act like it. 

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