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Here's what some of our clients have had to say about their training sessions with Interritus LLC's Mobile Firearms Training.

"Good morning! I want to say that I was amazed how knowledgeable and patient Bill [Chief Instructor William Joyner] was.  I had new firearms, but never shot one in my life.  His instruction was precise and safety was of the utmost importance.  I will recommend everyone I can to receive his instruction in the future."​ -Shavonne C.

"The lesson we had was great for getting me to focus on the fundamentals. Even with one short lesson my marksmanship improved significantly. I'm looking forward to getting back out there again to practice a bit more and work on other firearms." -Justin T.

"My husband wanted me to take this course, but I was reluctant. I am very much a beginner in self-defense and gun safety. The class and the instructors were well worth the cost, and now I feel more respect than apprehension when it comes to self-defense. Thank you, for putting me (and our whole group) more at ease regarding guns & gun safety. We look forward to continued learning with your team!" Shelley H.

"Our participation in the CHL course became a became a family event as the classroom instruction was presented in the comfort of our own home, followed by excellent guidance and additional training at a private section of a local firing range. The material taught was relevant, extremely well-organized, and understandable. We were so impressed with our instructors that we definitely plan to continue further training with them. Thank you for being so instrumental in equipping me with the knowledge and training to protect my home and my family. Invaluable!" -Michael H.

"I took the CHL class Bill did @Alamo Tactical. It was a great class. He is very knowledgeable, keeps the class moving while adding in stories and examples to keep you interested and involved. I highly recommend his class!" -Amanda W.

I just want to take a moment to thank you for your course, your professional manner and your insight. You have given me inspiration to continue to train and develop the skills to stay vigilant and be ready at all times...Thanks for keeping well informed and responsible gun owners safe and ready for the fight. -Daniel C.

Well worth the money. A large return on a small investment. If you are going to take the Texas Handgun Carry class then look no further then INTERRITUS. The price is very competitive and when weighed with all the extras, (taught at your own home with only your family and friends, at a time and date that is chosen by you and then range time at a range of your choosing) no other company can compare to INTERRITUS.

If you have been wondering about firearms stop wondering and call INTERRITUS. If you have been worrying about your family's safety, you can stop worrying and take control of your family's safety by calling INTERRITUS. I made the call in the first week of January 2016 and that decision will most likely be the best decision I make all year. -F. Smith

I highly recommend Interritus Firearms training. Yesterday my son and I took their Firearms 101 all day class taught by Chief Instructor William Joyner. Mr. Joyner is an energetic and knowledgeable teacher. He kept the class fun and informative. The day culminated in very personalized shooting tips and analysis at a private range. My son and I will be pursuing more customized training from Interritus. -Andrew S.

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